The Quality Engineering Competence Centre

Living Quality Management

In the context of iterative software development and continuous system evolution effective test management is crucial for obtaining high quality systems. The goal of Living Quality Management is to develop a tool-based method for requirements-driven and risk-based quality management with a focus on optimising test case selection and test prioritisation.

On the one hand side this concerns the derivation and prioritisation of test cases based on metrics and key figures analysing data from different sources. This includes information from runtime (e.g. frequently running modules), the result of recent test executions in regression testing, static code analysis and requirements specification.

On the other side we will consider the embedding of testing aspects in the whole software process. In particular we will focus on aspects of traceability (e.g. relationship of test cases with requirements, software architecture descriptions, change management and the code) and will develop concepts for the state-based management of test cases.

Industry Partners:

Duration: October 2009 – September 2013

Contact: Michael Felderer